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When was the first NFT Philly meetup?

Our first meetup was at Lou Bird's in Rittenhouse on October 20th, 2021.Squiddy, Barman, Tyrone, Greg, John, and Robby were the original squad-- a rag tag group of NFT aficionados (mostly TopShot) who gathered to have a few beers and watch a Sixers game.While the meetup was small, we loved that we got together to talk about NFTs and the potential of web3 technology (especially after 18 months of COVID lockdowns).We realized that this was a special point in time, and only the beginning of NFT Philly. Over the coming months, we've had more small impromptu meetups at local dives, growing slightly larger each time.

When was the first "Official" NFT Philly meetup?

The first Official meetup happened on April 7th, 2021 at the FromTheFuture offices in Northern Liberties. A massive thanks goes out to fellow jpeg degen Nick for letting us host at his office.Despite a torrential downpour, a hundred or so people came out to meet new people and talk NFTs.

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